New Releases: March Comic books/Graphic Novels

Season 10 of Buffy the vampire slayer kicked off Last Month with writers Christos Gage and rebekah Isaacs. the first issue featured some awesome scenes that buffy lovers have been eager for. I know I was <3

My only complaint is that I don’t think the art really looks much like the original characters. In the preview of Angel and Faith they got faith down really well. It looked exactly like her. but Buffy and all the others..not so much.

Angel and Faith #1 was released this month (April) under the title: Where The river meets the sea written by Victor GischlerWill Conrad

points for Faith still being Faith and feeling left out by Buffy and Giles bonding. It’s irrational, yes. but it’s very True to character.

Actually, this whole issue felt like the characters were getting back to who they were originally. Angel feeling responsible for everyone and guilty over everything and Faith being in Buffy’s shadow and now Magic Town!! I can’t wait for the rest of this season. I just wish they weren’t so far apart even though 2 issues a month is really good.

The art here resembled the characters a little better than in Buffy s10 #1 and it was nice seeing some of the same events through different perspectives.

Another awesome release in March was the still going great

Saga: volume 3 by Brian K. Vaughan and illustrated by Fiona staples

So far this series has won some major awards: The Eisner, Harvey, and Hugo Award.

In this volume containing issues 13-18, I felt like Marco and Alana really came into their own as parents. The dust hasn’t settled yet. They’re still fugitives and chased by various people but at least they had a bit of a reprieve and thought a bit about the future.

And they were so, so cute. I love Marco and Alana. <3   

Goodreads April Fool’s Mischief!

Goodreads announced Today that They’d apparently found a lost manuscript for a never before published Jane Austen Novel titled Mirth and Mischief

"A girl without a father can never have too many brothers, yet Abigail Branscombe often found her three elder brothers to be quite vexing."
—Opening line of Mirth and Mischief by Jane Austen

..I totally didn’t fall for this. Not even a little..

Although Goodreads is going to crush the sweet, amiable souls that are Austen Fangirls, This is pretty funny!

Judge for yourself: 

New Discovery: Goodreads to Publish Lost Jane Austen Novel

Review: dr. Faustus by Christopher Marlowe (play)

I remember the first time I tried to read old English, it sounded like an alien language. But the more exposure you get to something, the more familiar it becomes. so that shouldn’t discourage you from reading things like this.

You can always pick up a copy with footnotes and translations if you’d like but in my personal opinion, this book isn’t hard to understand at all.

You can do what I do whenever I read plays or poetry.
Just go on to and find a reading of this book and listen to it while you read. It makes the words come to life.

It’s really important to do this because plays were meant to be heard and seen rather than read. So reading a play is like reading a movie or episode transcript. It leaves something to be desired.

This a story about a man who makes a deal with the devil. He receives 24 years of prosperity and all his wishes granted, all his dreams fulfilled. He’s granted unlimited knowledge. But at the end of that time, the devil claims his soul and drags him back to hell.

The point of this is trying to make is that no matter how tempted you are, and no matter how great the perks. don’t sell your soul to the devil…

Of course, the devil is a metaphor. In a way, this is about the dangers of unlimited power. Ultimate knowledge. which is not something I agree with, to be honest. The part about the knowledge, not the power.

Of course, I don’t think Faustus was a bad guy. Even after he’d struck out that deal, all he did was ask for knowledge. Who wouldn’t want to know the answers to humanity’s most burning questions? and the ability to entertain his friends with parlor tricks. Add to that the fact that he only asked for twenty four years and I want to say he got swindled.

Because this is a play, it isn’t possible to name a favorite character just by reading. I’d have to see a performance to have a favorite and besides, none of them are particularly likable, anyway.

To me, the best part of this book was Mephistopheles’s lines.

<b> But Faustus thou must bequeath it solemnly
and write a deed of gift with thine own blood
for that security craves great Lucifer
If thou deny it, I will back to Hell </b>

This is a book best read a loud with dramatization. It’s such an experience and a great place to start reading more plays.

Review: The Goblin Empereo by Katherine Addison


*I received a free e-ARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.*

This is a beautiful book. It’s beautifully written and beautifully constructed. it fails in only two places as far as I’m concerned:

One: the names of characters and places are very unpronounceable. I don’t know if anyone else is having that problem. Of course, true to tradition of the fantasy genre, the main character gets the simply, easy to remember name while the rest are stuck with all the apostrophes.

Two: it didn’t seem to have much of a plot. Not that it’s such a problem because the world is so cleverly built that you won’t even notice until the middle of the book.

In this world there are elves and goblins. Elves are the pretty regal ones with most of the power while goblins are mostly looked down upon.

That’s why Maia, the half-goblin son of His Imperial Serenity Varenchebel the fourth, suddenly becomes the emperor of all elflands after the sudden death of his father and half-brothers. He’s not exactly in for a smooth ride.

In fact, Maia knows next to nothing about court life. Or real life, actually. For one thing he’s only eighteen years old. He also grew up in banishment when the emperor decided he didn’t want to have to look at him or his mother, The empress Chenelo anymore.

Maia is such a touching character. I really like him. Especially because of how bad he is at being emperor. He needs help with most things and he doesn’t know who to trust.

This book is more about what life is like when you hold absolute power and possess absolutely no freedom. That’s the life of a supreme ruler. It’s sad and lonely.

To make matters worse, Maia has to be shadowed by his two “noherechi”, guards whose function is protect the emperor with their own lives. They are to remain with him at all times, only breaking for sleep and being replaced by two others.

So added to a life devoted to the realm, Maia can forget about any kind of privacy while he flounders around trying to remember to sound imperial enough.

He even has people dressing and undressing him. It’s a pretty tough gig.

I’d give this book a 3.5/5 stars.

Review: Shatter Me(shatter me #1) by Tahereh Mafi


Meet Juliette: she lives in a room where there is a bed too uncomfortable to sleep on. Not that she gets much sleep anyway; she spends her nights fidgeting and tossing and eventually waking up in a cold sweat, screaming.

The screaming is the only time she uses her voice. She hasn’t spoken a word to a person in three years. She hasn’t a human being in almost her entire life.

In a world that’s dying, Juliette is a threat. Her skin can kill you if you lay a finger on her. That’s why she’s locked up.

This book runs around in circles for the first 100 pages but if you stick with it, it gets pretty interesting pretty quickly after that.

The writing is unlike anything I’ve ever read. Tahereh Mafi emphasizes feelings quite a bit.

The plot in itself feels like something I’ve seen before; Girl has an ability and is drafted to be used as a weapon by the bad guys only to escape and join the resistance 

One day, in Juliette prison cell, the tell her she’s getting a cellmate. A few days later, he walks in. but he’s not exactly who he says he is.

Actually, no one in this book is who they say they are. That’s pretty cool.

As debut novels go, I think Tahereh Mafi did a good job. I’m curious to read Unravel Me and Ignite Me. but maybe no right away.

Rating: 3.5/5

Review: Between the devil and the deep blue sea by April Genevieve Tucholke



*I received a copy of this book from Netgalley for review. Thank you Faber and Faber*

This is quite the odd book, I have to say! but it’s in a good way.
This is YA but it has a very different tome than most YA out there. It’s told from the perspective of Violet who is the child of ex-wealthy painters, who is rather eccentric and quite a bit lonely.

Violet and her brother Luke are left on their own while their artist parents tour Europe. Meanwhile the kids have run out of money. So Violet decides they should rent out their guesthouse to help bring in some cash.

Enter: River. and with him comes a whole lot of trouble.

River and Violet hit it off immediately. but Violet can’t trust her overwhelming attraction to River and can’t keep herself from wondering if the strange murders going on around them aren’t somehow linked to River.

Violet’s voice is so enchanting and new, I devoured this book. There were bits that I thought were repetitive and some of the scenes were a little fuzzy on the details.

But the book makes up for all of that by being so richly detailed and introducing me to a Mocha Pot: which I’m already on the prowl for.

The sheer amount of coffee references in this book is enough to give you a buzz and I had like four coffees Today while reading it.